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Course Syllabi — Fall 2016

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Course Course Title Linked Section (s)
AHM1130 Beginning Amharic 1 05AB
AHM2200 Intermediate Amharic 1 2161
AHM3410 Advanced Amharic 1 045H
AKA1130 Beginning Akan 1 3315
AKA2200 Intermediate Akan 1 045G
AKA3410 Advanced Akan 1 043G
ARA1130 Beginning Arabic 1 05A6/6214/7509
ARA2220 Intermediate Arabic 1 1854/8055
ARA3410 Advanced Arabic 1 1859
ARA3510 The Arab Woman 0119
ARA4400 Fourth Year Arabic 1 7152
CHI1130 Beginning Chinese 1 019F/12BF/1219/1960/2085
CHI1131 Beginning Chinese 2 081C
CHI2230 Intermediate Chinese 1 1388/2128/7873
CHI2340 Chinese Heritage 1 0954
CHI3410 Advanced Chinese 1 04GG/1393
CHI4930 Animation in China 08C7
CHT3124 Modern Fiction in Translation 08C6
CHT3391 Chinese Film & Media 13B3
CHT3500 Chinese Culture 02GD
CHT3513 Taoism & Chinese Culture 085H
CHW4120 Classical Chinese 1 085D
CHW4140 Newspaper Chinese 01D8
CZE1130 Introduction to Czech & Cultures 092E
CZE2200 Intermediate Czech 1 1C60
DUT1130 Beginning Dutch 1 6442
FOL6943 Romance Language Technology Methods 121C
FRE1130 Beginning French 1 0055/0848/1332/4161
FRE1131 Beginning French 2 1474/7763
FRE1134 Accelerated French Review 006A/15HF
FRE2220 Intermediate French 1 046G/046H/2243
FRE2221 Intermediate French 2 047B/074G
FRE3300 Grammar & Composition 3039/3415
FRE3320 Composition & Stylistics 1993/3437
FRE3410 French Conversation & Interaction 01C5
FRE3500 France through Ages 01C8
FRE3502 Francophone Cultures 12AC
FRE3780L Corrective Phonetics 3456
Sociolinguistic French 08FA
FRE4930 History of French 042G
FRE6845 History of French Languages 08F1
FRT3561 Women French Literature & Cinema 12GF
FRW3100 Introduction to French Literature 1 1207
Reading 20th century French Novel 08F2
GER1125 Discover German 1 0049/2016C/206D
GER1126 Discover German 2 1A44
GER1130 Beginning Intensive German 1 04A5/05F/2901/3543
GER1131 Beginning Intensive German 2 3492
GER2200 Intermediate German 1 2389
GER3401 German Grammar Review 0904
GER3440 German in Business 03CC
GET3930 1848:Germany & Europe 03A1
GET3930 Nazis in film 091C
GET3930 German Fairy Tales 1772
GEW4731 Contemporary German Literature 19CF
GEW6535 Classic & Romantic Literature 092C
GEW6901 Special Student German Literature 091G
HAI1130 Beginning Haitian Creole 1 8519
HAI1131 Beginning Haitian Creole 2 048F
HAI2200 Intermediate Haitian Creole 1 1419
HAT3564 Haitian Culture & Society 064C
HBR1130 Beginning Modern Hebrew 1 1962 / 1995 /8087
HBR2220 Intermediate Modern Hebrew 1 5130
HBR3410 Advanced Modern Hebrew 1 21A1
HBR4905 Israeli Religious Community 3B79
HUM2424 African Cultures & Literatures 02F0
ITA1130 Beginning Italian 1 2B54/4126/4210/4265
ITA1131 Beginning Italian 2 146G/4266
ITA2220 Intermediate Italian 1 2841/5596
ITA2221 Intermediate Italian 2 05CC
ITA3420 Grammar & Composition 1 1381
ITA3500 Italian Civilization 045D
ITT3930 Engineering Renaissance 0430
JPN1130 Beginning Japanase 1 0556/2033/2363/5914/6022
JPN1131 Beginning Japanase 2 113E
JPN2230 Intermediate Japanese 1 4011/9014
JPN3410 Advanced Japanese 1 4841
JPN4850 Structure of Japanese 1135
JPT3500 Japanese Culture 1883
JPT4502 Japanese Folklore 009H
JPW4130 Reading Japanese Literature 3566
LIT2000 Introduction to Literatures 01H5
MEM3931 Taoism & Chinese Culture 183E
MEM3931 Medieval Magic 19DG
MEM3931 Engineering Renaissance 19GH
MEM3931 The Arab Woman 1996
POL1130 Polish Language & Culture 1 5522
RUS1130 Introduction to Russian Language & Culture 1 0882/14B8/2410/2750/2779
RUS2220 Intermediate Russian 6558/8129
RUS3240 Oral Practice in Russian 2A83
RUS4000 Advanced Russian 1 29BG
RUS4501 Russian Research Seminar 0385
RUT3452 Russian Literature 20th Century 04H1
04H6 – GR:2
RUT3504 Russia Today 07GE – GR:6
RUW4341 Russian Media Culture 03A3
SSA4905 Beginning Zulu 1 2A82
SSA4930 African Film Cinema 0706
SSA4930 African Languages & World 0709
SSA4930 Black Englishes 14BG
SSA4930 African Popular Cultures 276F
SWA1130 Beginning Swahili 1 0445/2043
SWA2200 Intermediate Swahili 1 3682
SWA3410 Advanced Swahili 1 8024
VTN1130 Beginning Vietnamese 1 03HB
VTN2220 Intermediate Vietnamese 1 13D0
YOR1130 Beginning Yoruba 1 0461/2201
YOR2200 Intermediate Yoruba 1 14HE