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Course Syllabi — Summer 2016

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Summer A

Course Course Title Linked Section
ARA1130 Beginning Arabic 1 0770
HBR4930 Harry Potter & the Holocaust 01DF
FRE1130 Beginning French 1 0075
JPN1130 Beginning Japanese 1 0777
JPT3500 Japanese Culture 0003
SWA1130 Beginning Swahili 1 01D0
RUS1130 Beginning Russian 1 01DC

Summer B

Course Course Title Linked Section
ABT3500 Arabic Culture 4F62
ARA1131 Beginning Arabic 2 4738
ARA4905 Individual Study See Faculty Advisor
CHI1130 Beginning Chinese 1 42CB
FRE1131 Beginning French 2 4001
JPN1131 Beginning Japanese 2 5241
RUS1131 Beginning Russian 2 42CA
SWA1131 Beginning Swahili 2 42CC

Summer C

Course Course Title Linked Section
FRE1134 Accelerated French Review 7H31