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French is an official language of over forty countries and is the first or second language of over two hundred million people worldwide. Our program in French strives to connect students at the University of Florida with these people and places, providing them access to the cultural and professional possibilities of today’s global reality. By stressing cultural, linguistic, and critical skills, we prepare students to succeed in further study, and the training we provide gives our graduates an important advantage as they pursue careers in an increasingly competitive global environment.

Our faculty brings together scholars with diverse research interests, ranging from Old French epic poetry through post-colonial theory, from women writers in pre-Revolutionary France to contemporary French film. These nationally and internationally recognized researchers are also dedicated teachers who draw on their own scholarship to offer a variety of courses in literature, civilization, cinema, linguistics, and language. In addition, the Department offers a unique program in Haitian Creole. One goal is to form students with critical and analytical skills grounded in the humanistic experience of great works of literature and the disciplines of modern linguistics. Moreover, our courses are chosen not just by majors and minors in French but by students in fields such as history, art history, political science, other languages and literatures, and African and Caribbean studies, as well as by students in business and the sciences, who participate in our program in order to enrich their own.

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arc-de-triomphe FFS Minor Alessandra Rosales talks about her experience with UF in Paris!

Advanced Courses Fall 2019

Check a list of Advanced Courses in French and Francophone Studies for Fall 2019 (pdf)

New mentorship program in French and Francophone Studies for undergraduate students

This program aims to help underclassmen discover the UF French and Francophone Studies program, explore career possibilities, and enhance a sense of community between students.  It also presents upperclassmen with a great leadership opportunity and with a way to further familiarize themselves with the French faculty and with the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures (LLC).

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