LLC faculty are dedicated to research on texts, oral traditions, media, cultures, societies and the languages they are grounded in. Our faculty conducts research and instruts in myriad disciplines and in over 22 languages spoken in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East. The Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures embodies the spirit of internationalization and provides the UF community with the means for understanding the complex and multilingual world we live in.

Because of its diverse collective expertise in over twenty cultural, linguistic, and literary traditions, the LLC faculty brings unique transnational insight and perspectives to broader issues in a variety of sub-disciplines, including: Culture/Cultural Studies, Film and Media Studies, Language Pedagogy, Linguistics, Literature, Medieval and Early Modern Studies, and Translation Studies.

Culture/Cultural Studies

Film and Media Studies

Language Pedagogy


  • Theresa A. Antes
  • Helene BlondeauFrench linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Language variation and change, Language contact and bilingualism
  • Alexander BurakStructure of Russian and Ukrainian languages; Russian phonetics, phonology and intonation; Russian grammar, lexicology, stylistics, and lexicography; sociolinguistics; Russian language variation and change; distinctive features of Russian-American bilingualism among Russian heritage students
  • Charles BwengeAfrican Languages
  • James Essegbey
  • Michael GorhamLanguage Culture and Ideologies; Russian Sociolinguistics
  • Youssef HaddadArabic Language and Linguistics
  • Benjamin HebblethwaiteHaitian Creole
  • Fiona McLaughlinAfrican linguistics, Atlantic languages (Wolof, Pulaar, Seereer), theoretical phonology, urban sociolinguistics
  • Andrea Hoa PhamVietnamese phonetics and phonology, Vietnamese sociolinguistics
  • Ann Wehmeyer


Medieval and Early Modern Studies

Translation Studies

  • Alexander Burak – literary translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, system of note-taking in the course of consecutive interpretation, film translation, translation pedagogy (methodologies for teaching translation and interpretation), translation criticism, Russian-English hard-copy and online lexicography, theory of translation and interpretation
  • Brigitte Weltman-Aron