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Faculty (Alphabetical)


Akintunde Akinyemi
Professor of Yoruba
301C Pugh Hall


  • Akintunde Akinyemi
    Yoruba linguistics and literature
  • Deborah Amberson
    Modern Italian literature and Italian cinema
  • Theresa Antes
    French applied linguistics
    First-year French Program Coordinator
  • Hélène Blondeau
    Director of the France-Florida Research Institute
    French linguistics, Sociolinguistics, Language variation and change, Language contact and bilingualism. Quebec culture and identity, Francophone cultures in North America, Multicultural urban French
  • Rori Bloom
    Eighteenth-century French literature
  • Sylvie Blum-Reid
    French cinema, Women and film, Music in film and literature, Fashion history and theory, Translation studies
  • Alexander Burak
    Russian language and culture, Translation studies (literary translation, film translation, translation pedagogy, translation criticism), Russian-English lexicography, Linguistics, Ukrainian language and culture
  • James Essegbey
    African languages and linguistics
  • Matthieu Felt
    Premodern Japanese literature, history, and religion
  • James Goodwin
    Russian literature, language, visual arts, culture
  • Michael Gorham
    Language and politics; Contemporary Russian culture; New Media Culture; 20th- and 21st-century Russian literature; Language pedagogy
  • Youssef Haddad
    Arabic language and linguistics
  • Will Hasty
    German and European Medieval and Early Modern Studies, Arthurian Romance, Transcultural Studies, Digital Humanities and E-Learning, Cultural Game Theory
  • Benjamin Hebblethwaite
    Haitian Creole and French
  • Ingrid Kleespies
    Late eighteenth and nineteenth century Russian literature and culture; Travel literature; The Soviet avant-garde
  • Eric Kligerman
    20th-century German literature and theory, 19th- and 20th-century continental philosophy, Psychoanalysis, Holocaust studies, Comparative literature (German, English and American), Visual studies
  • Stephen Kory
    Chinese literature and culture
  • Barbara Mennel
    Film studies, Feminist theory, European cinema, Urban studies and film
  • Fiona McLaughlin
    African languages and linguistics; Language contact in urban Africa; Phonology of Atlantic languages; Language and Islam in Africa
  • Andrea Pham
    Vietnamese language and linguistics
  • Galina Rylkova
    Russian and European modernism; Anton Chekhov; Contemporary Russian literature; Cultural studies; and Russian cinema
  • Christopher Smith
    Modern Japanese literature
  • Alioune Sow
    Sub-Saharan Francophone literature
  • Sarra Tlili
    Arabic language and literature; Qur’an studies, animals in Islam, Arabic literature and civilization; Sustainability.
  • Richard G. Wang
    Premodern Chinese fiction and Taoism
  • Mary A. Watt
    Medieval Italian literature and culture
  • Ann Wehmeyer
    Japanese linguistics
  • Brigitte Weltman-Aron
    Eighteenth- and twentieth-century French and Francophone literature and critical theory
  • Ying Xiao
    Transnational Chinese cinema, popular music, youth culture, and sound studies
  • Gayle Zachmann
    Nineteenth-century French literature and critical theory


Emeritus, Emerita, retired faculty

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