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Professor Emerita in French
Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Areas of Interest

  • Twentieth/Twenty-First Century French Literature and Critical Theory


Carol Murphy is Professor of French and the founding Director of the France-Florida Research Institute at the University of Florida (2002-2012). Her fields of specialization are twentieth- and twenty-first century French prose fiction, theatre, and critical theory. She has published book-length studies on Marguerite Duras and also on Julien Gracq, as well as a translation of Jean Paulhan’s essay, Fautrier l’enragé. She was guest co-editor of two volumes of Contemporary French and Francophone Studies (Sites), “Verbal, Visual, Virtual” (Vol. 10, nos. 3-4) and has authored numerous articles on contemporary cultural production in France. She is currently editing the correspondence between the editor-author Jean Paulhan and the artist Jean Fautrier in Occupied and post-war Paris. Among her honors are her promotion to the rank of “Officier dans l’ordre des palmes académiques” (2006) and her decoration as “Chevalier dans l’ordre de la Légion d’honneur” (2009). Her graduate seminars have included courses on “French Beckett: the Post-War Writings in French,” “Representations of the Real in Twentieth-Century French Fiction,” “1913,” “Reading Fiction, the case of Proust,” “Le Roman au féminin” and “De l’impressionnisme au surréalisme: texte et image dans la littérature française au vingtième siècle.” Her most recent publications include the forthcoming book chapters” “Ecrire à l’infinitif: des territorialités durassiennes” in Marguerite Duras: passages, croisements, rencontres (Presses universitaires de Rennes); “Gracq, lecteur de musique: Le Roi Cophétua, nocturne d’automne” in Lecture(s) et création littéraire chez Julien Gracq. (Presse de l’Université de Tunis Al-Manar) and the essay. “Going with the flow: Duras’s changing economies of desire.” Contemporary French and Francophone Studies: Sites. Volume 19: 4-5 (2015). She has been invited by the University of Sydney in Australia to deliver the annual Sonia Marks lecture as well as to be a guest speaker at their international conference on “Marguerite Duras et les arts” in June-July 2016.