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About Vietnamese Studies


Vietnamese is one of only two languages in the Austroasiatic language family that are used as a national and official language. Furthermore, Vietnamese has the largest number of speakers in its language family, and is ranked 4th among Asian languages spoken at home in the U.S.A. The Vietnamese program offers students a rare opportunity to work in multilingual situations in the US, Europe, or Vietnam.

Students can minor in Vietnamese under Asian Studies, or major in the FLL Dual-Language Track provided they pair Vietnamese with any of the languages offered as individual majors. For CLAS undergrad students, successfully completing either Beginning Vietnamese 1 and 2, or Intermediate Vietnamese 1 satisfies the Language Proficiency Requirement for graduation.

The program regularly offers the following courses which cover the language, linguistics and culture including history, literature, cinema, society, and the people:

  • VTN 1130             Beginning Vietnamese I
  • VTN 1131             Beginning Vietnamese II
  • VTN 2220             Intermediate Vietnamese I
  • VTN 2221             Intermediate Vietnamese II
  • VTT 3500              Vietnamese Culture (GenEd)
  • VTN/LIN 4930/LIN 6571 Structure of Vietnamese
  • VTN 4905             Individual Studies

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Dr. Andrea Hoa Pham
Associate Professor of Vietnamese language and linguistics
343 Pugh Hall
P.O. Box 115565
Gainesville, FL 32611
(323) 392-7084