The dual language track offers students the opportunity to specialize in two of the languages offered by LLC.  Students can combine any of the languages offered as individual majors and/or they can combine any of these languages with a specialization in Haitian Creole or Vietnamese.

Students who choose this track will develop proficiency in two languages as well as acquire cultural knowledge of more than one language area. Dual language majors will be specially poised to make both broad and deep linguistic and cultural comparisons and to build cross-cultural and cross-linguistic connections, skills that will prepare them to operate and work in multi-lingual and multi-cultural societies as well as across various complex regions of the world.   Further, dual-language majors will be able to apply the language-learning skills gained in the study of one language of specialization to reinforce their acquisition of a second language of specialization.

In the Dual Language track, students will complete two years of study of a principal language of specialization and two years of study of a second language taught in LLC. Students will also complete a critical concentration.

There are a number of possibilities inherent in the Dual Language major. The following are some potential paths of study:

  1. Dual Language Haitian Creole with French and Francophone Studies
  2. Dual Language Vietnamese with Chinese

Students interested in the dual language major should consult with the undergraduate coordinator to determine the best course of study and to discuss practical and intellectually advantageous language pairings.

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