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The major and minor in Italian Studies provide students with a rigorous training in Italian language, as well as a broad and solid knowledge of Italian literary and cinematic culture, and of the social and political history of the Italian peninsula. Long established as one of the cultural centers of European civilization, Italy’s position at the heart of the Mediterranean has allowed it to contribute a great deal to a broader European culture, history, and politics from the times of the Roman Empire, through the Middle Ages, and up to the present day. Italian cultural and political history reflects the vicissitudes of Europe’s history and that of the other Mediterranean civilizations. The Italian peninsula is a geographical space long traversed and shaped by a multitude of cultural and linguistic influences. A major or a minor concentration allows students to develop the practical and analytical skills to engage with this complex culture and history. Courses and specializations are offered in a variety of fields including Film and Media studies, Medieval and Early Modern studies, Mafia Cinema and Culture, Romanticism, Modernism, Holocaust Studies, Detective Fiction, Theater Studies, Dante Studies, and Animality Studies.

The Italian Studies faculty includes nationally and internationally recognized scholars with diverse research interests, ranging from Dante Studies to literary Modernism, from Renaissance civilization to Animal Studies, from Boccaccio to Film and Media Studies, from language pedagogy to modern theater and performance.

A major or minor concentration in Italian Studies offers a solid basis for a broad variety of careers including arts and culture, fashion, business, education, international law, diplomacy, international relations, and journalism. The program also constitutes a strong foundation for graduate work in Italian studies, or in the broader field of the humanities and social sciences. A concentration in Italian provides students with the practical and intellectual tools to navigate the specificities of the Italian cultural, political, and social environment, as well as the expertise to function effectively in an increasingly globalized market and world.

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News and Announcements

La Tavola italiana / Italian Table – Fall 2019

The Tavola italiana (Conversation hour to practice Italian and learn about Italian culture) will be on Mondays at 5:30 p.m.
Location: TUR 1317 (The Language Learning Center).

This group is open to all who want to practice speaking Italian.