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A minor in Italian Studies provides students with knowledge of the Italian language and familiarity with aspects of the culture, history, and society of Italy. Students may earn an Italian minor to complement any major in any discipline. A concentration in Italian language, literature, culture and civilization can also become the basis for graduate studies in Italian.  To learn more about the FLL – Italian Specialization, please contact the Undergraduate Coordinator:

Dr. Deborah Amberson
355 Dauer Hall
(352) 273-3763

Minor Requirements

Credits: 19, completed with minimum grades of C and no optional S-U.

Course Requirements

A) 4 credits from: ITA 2221 Intermediate Italian 2 (4)

B) 12 credits selected from the following:

ITA 3420        Advanced Grammar and Composition (3)
ITA 3564        Contemporary Italian Culture (3)
ITA 3500        Italian Civilization (3)
ITW 3100       Introduction to Italian Literature 1(3)
ITW 3101       Introduction to Italian Literature 2 (3)
ITW 3310       Italian Play Production (3)
ITW 4026C    Humble Italy: Literature and Cinema of the South (3)
ITW 4253       Delitto all’italiana: Crime Fiction and Film in Italy (3)
ITW 4491       Italian Theater (Renaissance to the Early Modern Era) (3)
ITW 4526       Mad Love in Modern Italian Literature (3)
ITW 4600       Dante’s Inferno (3)

C) 3 credits selected from the following:

ITT 3521        Italian Cinema (4)
ITT 3930        Special Topics (3)
ITT 3431        Pilgrimages in Italy (3)
ITT 3540        Murder Italian Style: Crime Fiction and Film in Italy (3)
ITT 3541        Italian Mafia Movies (3)
ITT 3700        Holocaust in Italy (3)

Elective in related field* (3)
*Students may take up to 3 credits of the required 3000/4000 level credits from an affiliated discipline ONLY with the approval of the program coordinator.

For information on the Italian Minor, contact:
Deborah Amberson, 355 Dauer Hall, Email: