We are pleased to announce a new scholarship for students of French and Italian. The Albert and Rita Smith Fund for the Advancement of Studies in French and Italian will offer two scholarships of $500.00 each to a worthy student in French and Francophone Studies and also Italian Studies. Normally the award will cover expenses for study abroad but other proposals for advancement in French and Italian studies will be considered. Preference will be given to majors or minors and to students attending UF Study Abroad Programs, but other students interested in French and Italian may apply and other programs may be eligible. A faculty review committee will select awardees based on their academic performance and the merits of their proposal. Students will be recognized at the LLC annual award ceremony in April.

Application Deadline: February 28, 2019

The cover page should indicate the following:

  1. Student Name and UFID
  2. UF email address
  3. Major(s), minor(s), and class year
  4. Overall GPA
  5. Name of the program
  6. Names and email addresses of two UF professors in the relevant academic program of study
  7. On a separate page, please write a short essay, in the language of your choice, explaining your reasons for applying for these funds and also for the program chosen.

The supporting documents for your application should be sent by e-mail before February 28, at 4:00 pm for:
– Applicants in FRENCH to Dr. Sylvie Blum at sylblum@ufl.edu
– Applicants in ITALIAN STUDIES to Dr. Deborah Amberson at dambers@ufl.edu

Successful candidates will be notified by email, mid-March 2019

The Wayne Conner fund for the Advancement of French and Francophone Studies will offer two scholarships of $1000 each to a worthy student.  These scholarships are given to undergraduate students majoring (double major and dual degree students are eligible) in French and Francophone Studies and attending a UF sponsored study abroad program led by a faculty member of the Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures. A faculty review committee selects awardees based on their academic performance and involvement in the French and Francophone Studies Program. Students will be recognized at the LLC annual award ceremony in April.

Application Deadline: March 14, 2020

Student Name & UFID
Email address
Major(s) & Minor(s)
Overall GPA
Name of study abroad program

Name and contact information of two French professor at UF (name and email).

On a separate page, please write a short essay in English or French in which you explain the reasons why the study abroad program to which you are applying would be of particular interest and benefit to you.

Please send the supporting documents for your application by email before March 14, 2020 by 4:00 p.m. to Dr. Sylvie Blum at: sylblum@ufl.edu

Notification of selection will be by e-mail.

For further information, please contact Dr. Rori Bloom at ribloom@ufl.edu

The Zirger Scholarship is a $1,500 scholarship established in memory of Mrs. Alice M. Zirger. The scholarship was established with a gift from the Zirger family to encourage study in the area of East Asia. The scholarship is awarded to a female student in Asian Studies (East Asian Languages and Literatures majors or minors) each year. Applications are invited from female students (preferably non-traditional) who have above-average academic records. The student must also be completing or have completed second-year Chinese or Japanese, or have tested out of the language requirement.

The following items constitute the application:

  • A current official transcript from the UF registrar’s office (not printed from ISIS).  (Original + 4 Copies)
  •  Two (2) letters of recommendation, one from a faculty member outside Asian Studies (please ask your recommender to put the original + 4 copies in a sealed envelope, signed across the back flap)

*NOTE: All students requesting recommendation letters must complete and provide a copy to the recommenders of the UF waiver form. You can find the form at http://www.registrar.ufl.edu/pdf/ferparelease.pdf

  • A 2-3 page typed, double-spaced essay stating the candidate’s reasons for pursuing a major/minor in East Asian Studies and how the student intends to use the scholarship. (Original + 4 Copies)

The deadline for the application is Monday, February 25, 2019  by 4:00pm. Please include your email address in your application – notification of selection will be by e-mail. The successful applicant will be expected to attend a reception in her honor at the end of the spring semester (TBA).

Please submit all application materials (hard copies) to Delores Tillman, Academic Assistant II, in the Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Department (LLC), 301 Pugh Hall, PO Box 115565, Gainesville, FL 32611. Present all of your application materials in a large manila envelope labeled with your first and last name on the front as well as your e-mail address.

For further information, please contact Prof. Elinore Fresh, 356 Pugh Hall, (352-273-2957), or by email at: efresh@ufl.edu

Dr. Ying Xiao has been awarded the 2018 Global Fellowship to support her next book projects, ReFocus: The Films of Jia Zhangke: A Historical Poetics of Space (co-author with Maureen Turim, forthcoming from Edinburgh University Press), and sole-authored monograph “Lost in Translation: Dubbing, Subtitling, and the Voice of Others on Chinese Screen,” and the development of internationalization curriculum.  The fellowship was created by the International Center at the University of Florida to recognize faculty who are engaged in international and cross-cultural research and teaching.