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Cynthia Chennault

Emerita Associate Professor – Chinese
Ph.D., Stanford University

Areas of Research

My research focuses upon Chinese lyrical poetry, society, and history during the Six Dynasties and early Tang periods (roughly from the 4th through 7th centuries). A particular interest is to examine the cultural context in which new forms and themes of poetry develop. I edit the multidisciplinary refereed journal Early Medieval China.

Selected Publications

  • Forthcoming. Bio-critical essays: Jiang Yan (ca. 444-505), Xie Tiao (464-499), Wu Jun (469-520), He Xun (ca. 470-518?), Yin Keng (fl. late 6th century),Classical Chinese Writers of the Pre-Tang Era, Dictionary of Literary Biography, Bruccoli Clark Layman / Gale, Inc.
  • In press. “Representing the Uncommon: Temple Visit Lyrics from the Liang to Sui Dynasties,” in Interpretation, Literature and the World of Thought in Early Medieval China, ed. Alan K. Chan (SUNY Press).
  • 2007. “The Reclusive Gui—Cinnamon or Osmanthus?” Early Medieval China 12 (2006): 151-182.
  • 2007. Review of Tao Yuanming and Manuscript Culture, by Tian Xiaofei.Journal of Asian Studies 66.3 (August).
  • 2003. “Odes on Objects and Patronage in the Early Qi.” Studies in Early Medieval Chinese Literature and Cultural History, in Honor of Donald Holzman and Richard B. Mather, ed. Paul W. Kroll and David R. Knechtges (Provo, Utah: Tang Studies Society), 331-398.
  • 1999. “Lofty Gates or Solitary Impoverishment? Xie Family Members of the Southern Dynasties.” T’oung Pao 85.2: 249-327.

Courses Taught

  • CHT 3110 Chinese Literary Heritage
  • CHT 4111 Dream of the Red Chamber
  • CHW 4120 Classical Chinese 1
  • CHW 4121 Classical Chinese 2

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