Professor Emeritus
Associate Professor of Japanese Literature
Ph.D., UC Berkeley

Areas of Interest

I specialize in classical Japanese prose and poetry, especially literature written by women who served at the royal court from the tenth to the fourteenth centuries (Heian and Kamakura periods). I teach literature courses focusing on gender in premodern and contemporary Japan.

Selected Publications


  • Sacred Rites in Moonlight: Ben no Naishi Nikki, a study and translation of a thirteenth-century poetic memoir written by a female courtier who served the 89th sovereign, Go-Fukakusa (r. 1246-59), Cornell East Asia Series, 2005.

Courses Taught

  • JPT 3140 Modern Women Writers
  • JPT 3150 Classical Japanese Poetry
  • JPT 3300 Samurai War Tales
  • JPT 4130 The Tale of Genji
  • JPW 4130 Readings in Japanese Literature
  • JPW 4131 Texts and Contexts