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Malka Dagan

Senior Lecturer of Hebrew
BA, University of Haifa

Office Hours — Fall 2019

  • Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: 11:45 a.m. to 12:35 p.m.

Areas of Interest / Biography

I lived most of my life in Israel and graduated from Oranim, which is a part of the University of Haifa, with a BA in Education. After graduation, I returned to my Kibbutz, where I started my journey as a second language instructor, teaching Hebrew to new immigrants.

In December 1985, my family and I moved to Gainesville, where my husband worked on his PhD while I joined AALL as a visiting professor teachiing second-year Hebrew. For many years I worked as the administrator at Hillel Jewish Student Center before rejoining AALL in 2003 as a Hebrew instructor. For seven years I was the Religious School Director at Congregation B’nai Israel.

I worked with Dr. Hanna Katz on developing a workbook that supplements the class material for HBR 1130 and HBR 1131. I love teaching and I am very committed to the development and growth of the Hebrew program at UF.

Courses Taught

  • HBR 1130 Beginning Modern Hebrew 1
  • HBR 1131 Beginning Modern Hebrew 2
  • HBR 2220 Intermediate Modern Hebrew 1
  • HBR 2221 Intermediate Modern Hebrew 2
  • HBR 3410 Advanced Modern Hebrew 1
  • HBR 3411 Advanced Modern Hebrew 2