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Associate Professor of Akan
Ph.D., Leiden University

Office Hours — Fall 2019

  • Monday and Wednesday: 3:00 to 4:00 p.m.
  • Or by appointment

Areas of Interest

I am interested in descriptive, documentary and theoretical linguistics, especially in the domain of syntax, semantics and pragmatics; contact linguistics; language and culture; Kwa languages of West Africa, especially Gbe (i.e. Ewe, Gen, Aja and Fon), Akan, and Ghana-Togo Mountain languages; and creole studies. Lately, I have been working on the influence of the Gbe languages on Suriname creoles and, more recently, the description and documentation of Nyangbo, one of the Ghana-Togo Mountain languages.

Selected Publications


  • 2015   John Benjamins. Essegbey, J., Henderson, B., & Mc Laughlin, F. (eds.) Language documentation and endangerment in Africa.
  • 2010   Dordrecht: Springer. Aboh. E.O. and Essegbey, J. (eds.) Studies in Kwa syntax


  • 2017   Divergence and convergence among Ghana-Togo Mountain languages. In Language Typology and Linguistic Universals (STUF). With Felix Ameka
  • 2017   Language endangerment, documentation and revitalization. In R. Vossen and G. Dimmendaal, (eds) HAL. (chapter 43)
  • 2015   “Is this my language?”:  Developing a writing system for an endangered-language community. In J. Essegbey, B. Henderson, and F. McLaughlin (eds). Language documentation and endangerment in Africa. John Benjamins, 153-177
  • 2015   Language use at home and performance in English composition in multilingual
    –  Ghana AAeO, Vol. 2015. (urn:nbn:de:0009-10-42168) . With Sika Ahadzie and Felix
    – Ameka.
  • 2013   Serialising languages: Satellite-framed, verb-framed or neither. In Ghana Journal of Linguistics, Vol 2 (1), 19-38. With Felix Ameka ( view/90783)
    Cross-linguistic influence in language creation: assessing the role of the Gbe languages in the formation of the Creoles of Surinam. Lingua 129 (2013), 1-8. With Bettina Migge and Donald Winford
  • 2010   Locative expression in Tutrugbu: losing typological characteristics due to contact. Journal of West African Languages 37, 93-118

Courses Taught

  • AKA 1130 Beginning Akan 1
  • AKA 1131 Beginning Akan 2
  • AKA 2200 Intermediate Akan 1
  • AKA 2201 Intermediate Akan 2
  • SST 2501 African Elements in the Americas
  • SSA 4903 Africanisms in the Americas
  • SSA 4930 Black Englishes
  • SSA 4930 Methods of Language Documentation