Master Lecturer of Chinese
MA, University of Hawaii at Manoa

Office Hours — Fall 2019

  • No Fall 2019 office hours


TITLE: A Model Immersive Cultural Learning Environment [co-investigator]
AGENCY: Department of Defense
AMOUNT: $625,234
DATES: Sept. 24, 2007-Jan. 23, 2009
WEBSITE: http://cero11.cise.ufl.edu/~webmaster/index.html

Selected Publications

  • Fishwick, P., Futterknecht, F., Fresh, E., & Henderson, J., & Hamilton, B. D. (2008). “Simulating Culture: An Experiment Using a Multi-User Virtual Environment.” In S. J. Mason, R. Hill, L. Moench, & O. Rose (Eds.), Proceedings of the 2008 Winter Simulation Conference.
  • Henderson, J., P. Fishwick, E. Fresh, F. Futterknecht and B. Hamilton. (2008). An Immersive Learning Simulation Environment for Chinese Culture. To be published in the Proceedings of the Interservice/Industry, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC), December.
  • Fresh, E., Henderson, J., Fishwick, P., Futterknecht, F., Hamilton, B. D. (2008) Second Life: Integrating Traditional Web Content with 3D Cultural Immersion.” In conference proceedings International Conference on Contemporary Linguistic Theory and Business Chinese Language Teaching, Shanghai Finance and Economics University Conference, Jul. [In Press]
  • 2003 “Business Chinese: Curriculum Development and Internship Exploration.” Chinese Studies Forum; 63-68.
  • “Selected Female Poets of the Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.),” Delos 12, 1999. 1-2 (published 2003): 47-53.

Course Development

  • Spring 2008-Chinese Business Culture-Introduced a one-credit course funded by UF CIBER during Summer 2009 will be developing this course into a three-credit course to be offered Fall 2009.
  • Spring 2009 will be working with DOCE (Division of Continuing Education) to create an online version of the Chinese Business Culture course.

Courses Taught

  • CHI 1130 and 1131 Beginning Chinese 1 and 2 and Honors Beginning Chinese 1 and 2
  • CHI 2230 and 2231 Intermediate Chinese 1 and 2
  • CHI 3410 and 3411 Advanced Chinese 1 and 2
  • CHI 3110 Chinese Literary Heritage
  • CHI 3440 Business Chinese
  • CHI 3500 Chinese Culture
  • CHW 4130 Readings in Chinese Literature