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Haig Der-Houssikian

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D. - University of Texas at Austin (1969)

I have had several concurrent interests in both my teaching and research careers. Morphology with its inevitable interface with syntax, Swahili language and dialectology, comparative Bantu, Niger-Congo extensions specifically Tem (Togo) in the Gur/Voltaic family, and my own native language-Western Armenian. In every instance I have been attracted to creolization processes particularly in urban settings. I have had the opportunity to Teach at and/or be associated with several African universities including University of Dar-es-Salaam (Tanzania), Universidade de Luanda (Angola), Universite du Benin (Togo), Universite de Ouagadougou (Burkina), Universite Marien Ngouabi (Congo/Brazzaville) and The University of Zimbabwe (Harare). In every instance I have been received in a most hospitable way, and have been inspired by the intellectual acumen of both the faculty members and students at these universities. I feel more grateful to them than I can express in words.

The University of Florida was my professional home institution fom January 1, 1967 to the day I retired in July of 2003. I was simultaneously affiliated with the Program in Linguistics, The Center for African Studies and The Department of African and Asian Languages and Literatures (AALL). My commitment to these units as well as to the University of Florida remains exceptionally strong. The College of Liberal Arts and Sciences afforded me the privilege to be acting director of Linguistics twice (1971-72, 1984-85), Director of African Studies (1973-79) and finally founding Chair of AALL (1982-91). Among the most educationally dynamic events in my career have been the supervision of a number of masters theses and doctoral dissertations. Please see my personal homepage for abbreviated details of my curriculum vita.

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