DATES: October 1013, 2019 | University of Florida, Gainesville

The South East African Languages and Literatures Forum (SEALLF) is an annual conference organized by a group of scholars working on African language pedagogy, linguistics, and literature.

Theme: African Languages & Literatures: (Re) mapping the territories, reshaping the strategies.

A throwback to the past will help us understand where we as teachers and administrators of African languages are coming from and may help shape where we are headed. William R. Parker, in an address delivered 66 years ago said “Foreign language teachers cannot alone succeed in lifting America’s Language curtain.”  During this 10th Annual conference we want to examine how far we as stakeholders have lifted the language curtain, review the nature of the fabric of the curtain and set new tasks for ourselves.

There are gains we can claim in the last two decades; one of this is the professionalization of teachers of African languages. If the definition is reviewed critically, it will become clear that teachers of African languages now, “share a common body of knowledge and use agreed standards of practice in exercising that knowledge.” There are definitely rooms for improvement and newer territories to discover in the next decade.

At this conference, we seek papers and panels that incorporate theories with practice especially;

  • How sustainable relationships with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) and Community Colleges (CC) can be extended, by promoting teaching and research on African languages, literatures, and cultures in these institutions: A review of the past and recommendations for the future will be appreciated.
  • How sustainable relationships can be created with K-12 teachers: A review of the past and recommendations for the future
  • New praxis in sustaining the development of African languages and literatures.
  • How platforms for strengthening the teaching of African languages and literatures in the southeastern region of the United States can be extended beyond the present: What are the present challenges and future possibilities?
  • Reflection on using new methods for the promotion of the interconnectedness of African languages, literatures, and cultures through, the teaching, research and study of African languages in Colleges of Business, Law, Medicine and other areas not hitherto considered
  • Reflections on collaborative work between scholars and institutions on the African continent and the Diaspora: What are the present challenges and future possibilities?
  • Reflections on cultural connections with the African continent by sharing of resources and expertise on medium and long-term basis: Challenges & possibilities.
  •   Indigenous languages and orature
  •   Language and culture for learners of the future
  •   Language policy in Africa over the years
  • Or any other topic of interest to SEALLF

Contact email for questions, assistance, and submissions: Dr. Kole Odutola,

Deadline for submission: May 20th 2019

Sponsored by:
Department of Languages, Literatures, & Cultures
African Studies Center, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Center for African Studies, University of Florida, Gainesville
Center for Humanities & Public Sphere
UF International Center

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