Breaking Free from Death: The Art of Being a Successful Russian Writer

Breaking Free from Death examines how Russian writers (Leo Tolstoy, Chekhov, Bunin, and Meyerhold) respond to the burden of living with anxieties about their creative outputs, and, ultimately, about their own inevitable finitude. What contributes to creative death are not just crippling diseases that make man defenseless in the face of death, and not just the […]

Representing Translation: The Representation of Translation and Translators in Contemporary Media

In an increasingly global and multilingual society, translators have transitioned from unobtrusive stagehands to key intercultural mediators-a development that is reflected in contemporary media. From Coppola’s Lost in Translation to television’s House M.D., and from live performance to social media, translation is rendered as not only utilitarian, but also performative and communicative. In examining translation […]

Women at work in twenty-first-century European Cinema – January 2019

Barbara Mennel delves into the ways these films about female labor capture the tension between feminist advances and their appropriation by capitalism in a time of ongoing transformation. Looking at independent and genre films from a cross-section of European nations, Mennel sees a focus on economics and work adapted to the continent’s varied kinds of […]


Youssef A. Haddad Examines the social functions of attitude dative pronouns in four Arabic dialects. Analysing data from a variety of sources, including soap operas, movies, plays, talk shows and other audiovisual material, this book examines attitude datives – pragmatic markers that deal with interpersonal attitudes and relations – in Levantine Arabic. It examines four […]

China in the Mix: Cinema, Sound, & Popular Culture in the Age of Globalization

Ying Xiao: A study of sound in the film and media industry of China, especially its music and multilingual soundtrack, that amplifies a vibrantly changing national power and global order. Scarce attention has been paid to the dimension of sound and its essential role in constructing image, culture, and identity in Chinese film and media. […]

Dante, Columbus, and the Prophetic Tradition

Associate Dean Mary Alexandra Watt‘s new book, Dante, Columbus, and the Prophetic Tradition: Spiritual Imperialism in the Italian Imagination, considers, first, the impact of Dante’s Divine Comedy and the apocalyptic prophetic tradition that it reflects, on Columbus’s perception both of the cosmos and the eschatological meaning of his journey to what he called an other world. […]

Encyclopedia of the Yoruba

Akintunde Akinyemi of the Center for African Studies co-edited this book. This landmark reference work emphasizes Yoruba history, geography and demography, language and linguistics, literature, philosophy, religion, and art. Publisher information Edited by:  Toyin Falola and Akintunde Akinyemi

Perspectives on Arabic Linguistics XXVIII

Youssef Haddad coauthored this volume, which makes important contributions to the growing body of descriptive and theoretical studies in Arabic linguistics. It focuses on the rich linguistic work being done on Arabic dialects. The book is indispensable reading for those working in dialect description, the analysis of Arabic and the Semitic languages, and linguistic theory […]