The Critical Concentration in Medieval and Early Modern Studies provides students with the opportunity to study the medieval and early modern period in a cross-cultural framework. The courses listed below represent the kind of courses students can choose from for this concentration.


CHT 4122 Religious Dimensions of Late Imperial China (3 credits)

GET 3200 Literature of Knighthood (3 credits)

ITT 3431 Italy and Pilgrimages (3 credits)

JPT 3300 Samurai War Tales (3 credits)

MEM 3003 Intro to Medieval World (3 credits)

MEM 3300 Castles and Cloisters (3 credits)


MEM 3301 Palaces and Cities (3 credits)

MEM 3730 Studies in Holy Roman Empire (3 credits)

MEM 3805 Research Methods in Medieval & Early Modern (3 credits)

MEM 3931 Topics Medieval & Early Modern (3 credits)